Franchise For Sale Melbourne

franchise for sale Melbourne

Franchise for sale Melbourne

Are you searching for a franchise for sale Melbourne? If you answered yes, then discover how a franchise with The Local Guys may be an excellent opportunity for you. We all know being your own boss would be a dream come true and a franchise can help you achieve this! 

We are one of the most competent franchises in Melbourne, with proven successful systems and well-established franchises. Start your journey to your dream life by contacting us today!

Buy a Franchise Business in Melbourne

There are a few options to choose from if you search for an affordable franchise business in Melbourne. Here are some of our tips when choosing the right franchise for you:

  1. Do your research! When you search for a franchise for sale Melbourne, make sure you research the industry and the market to make an accurate decision!
  2. Choose a service based industry that is in high demand! You should consider long-term and what businesses will always be required. For example, test and tagging is government mandated and required by businesses… and pest control will always be needed as pests will always be around!
  3. Consider a franchise for sale Melbourne which has multiple services available. The more you can offer, the more of interest you will be to a client. This also gives you the ability to upsell your services!
  4. Learn about the franchise business model! The systems and processes of a franchise is what will shape its success. Ensure you are selecting a franchise for sale Melbourne with proven systems in place.
  5. Determine how much support you will receive from the franchisor. Starting a business can be daunting… which is why many people choose franchises over independent business because they receive the guidance, support and intellectual property from someone who already knows what they are doing! At The Local Guys, we are heavily invested in seeing you through to success. This is why we offer consistent on-going support with weekly check ins, 6-weekly franchise partner meetings, online forums and training portals. We are here every step of the way!
franchise for sale Melbourne

Why invest in a franchise for sale Melbourne?

Brand recognition

A franchise for sale Melbourne means automatic brand recognition. You do not need to begin building a business from square one. With an established brand, the main challenges of business, particularly during the first year, has been done for you.

Franchises come with repeat business. The customers will recognize the your franchise with The Local Guys brand name. Knowing what they expect and what the company provides seals with the deal.

The bigger picture

Franchises usually have a reduced failure rate compared to an independent business. When you join a franchise, you become part of a brand with numerous networking and expansion possibilities, which includes national contracts and government tenders.

Furthermore, we also offer advice and initial and ongoing support for franchise partners to ensure a successful franchise. When you purchase a franchise for sale Melbourne, there is the added reassurance you will succeed because your success is our success! So, we will work with you to build your business!


The size of a franchise network cannot be ignored. Unlike a small business, franchise partners have access to competitive pricing with suppliers. Small business often pay extra because they are purchasing in smaller quantities.

On the other hand, the franchise partners have access to discounts, competitive and fleet pricing. Due to the brand recognition in the market, franchises can negotiate reduced rates. As a result, our pricing to our clients can be competitive and our profits are increased!

Low failure rate

Starting a business is very risky as almost 90% of the companies close in their first year. However, when purchasing a franchise for sale in Melbourne, you can feel reassured knowing that 80% of franchises succeed… full stop! This is because the franchise brand is already established. The Local Guys also offer a $50,000 turnover paid for work guarantee (conditions apply) during the first year of business to provide our franchise partners additional reassurance to our franchise partners during the first year… the most challenging year in business!

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