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Are You Looking How to Franchise Your Business?

Have you thought about taking your business to a national level?

Have you ever asked yourself……?

Can I franchise my business?

How to turn my business into a franchise?

How can I franchise my business?


We are always seeking service-based industries to provide the education and support that you need to succeed. With years of experience in the franchising business, we have a wealth of knowledge for the inner workings of both business and customer service to provide you with the skills to provide high-quality deliverables to your local area.

Why You Should Join the Local Guys

Faster Growth

Not needing to sit on every seat on the bus

Leverage off our brand & knowledge

Support with marketing

National call centre

Proven track record

Shared marketing fund = more to spend on marketing

Is This Right for You?

Minimum 2 employees

Working in the service industry

Work in an industry that has a minimum of $60 per hour

Are you a leader in your industry?

Own a business in the service industry

Have a passion for what you do?

Have BIG GOALS and are a go-getter!

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Why Join The Local Guys Services?

Good Form
of Income


Work for

High Profit Margins,
Low Overheads




Consistent, Ongoing

Check Out Our Franchise Options Below

Compare our franchise opportunities below to find the right fit for you. 


Growing Your Own Brand

Can Grow Your Own Business
Joining An Already Successful National Franchise
Assistance With Systemizing Your Business
Legal Documents & Processes
Marketing Support
Great Return On Investment
Franchise Recruitment & Training
Build A National Brand With Ongoing Residual Income

Discover Why We Started Franchising

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Frequently Asked Questions

Franchising a business offers many benefits. By joining The Local Guys, you have the opportunity to grow your business to a national scale. Franchise partners will be buying into your business, as opposed to you employing them. This means a higher standard of work, as franchise partners are wanting to grow and take pride in their business.

Yes! We encourage you to still run your own business in the background. However, this will need to be rebranded to The Local Guys group.
Divisional Franchise Partners can earn money by onboarding, training and supporting Regional and Unit Franchise Partners. For every Franchise Partner you onboard, you will receive a large upfront sum. Additionally, you will also receive ongoing royalties for supporting them. You can also earn an income from your own services and clients.
Of course! Through our experiences, we have been on both ends of the spectrum as franchisees ourselves, as well as franchisors. We understand every aspect of franchising and will pass this knowledge onto you.
Similar to finding clients, we utilise Google Adwords and search engine optimisation to build our site traffic. In addition to these, we also advertise on Seek and other franchising sites to target those who are interested in a career change or to start their own business.
One of the main benefits of joining a franchise is to receive ongoing support. Here at The Local Guys, you can contact us anytime during business hours to gain assistance on the onboarding process. We are there with you throughout the process. We also have our online training platform for additional assistance.
As you are franchising your existing business under The Local Guys brand, the onboarding process is dependent on the division. However, it is likely it will take between 6-8 weeks.
Through Google Adwords and targeted search engine optimisation, we build up the traffic to our website, which ultimately brings in more clients. We also utilise the marketing fund to create targeted advertisements for your territory and surrounding suburbs. In addition to the ongoing leads you will receive from the Support Centre, you will also receive the Local Area Marketing Plan during your marketing training, which has been designed to assist you in finding your own clients.

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Check Out Our Franchise Options Below

Compare our franchise opportunities below to find the right fit for you. 

Franchise Partner

Regional Franchise

Franchise Your Business

The 10 Step Journey

Step 1

Send us an enquiry.

Step 2

The Local Guys Services gets in touch and send you a Franchise Brochure, Expression of Interest Form & Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Step 3

You read through the brochure, fill in the Expression of Interest form and sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement and then send it back to The Local Guys Test & Tag.

Step 4

We meet to get to know each other better and answer any questions you might have.

Step 5

You conduct your due diligence and pay a FULLY REFUNDABLE document fee of $5,000 ex. GST.

Step 6

a) If you are successful we proceed & you go to step 7.
b) If you unsuccessful, we refund the $5,000 ex. GST and that’s the end of the process.

Step 7

The $5,000 ex. GST document fee is now allocated to finalising the Franchise Agreement.

Step 8

After 14 days from receiving the final franchise documents, the Franchise Agreement is signed, and the balance of fees are paid.

Step 9

Training is organised ready for you to commence trading.

Step 10

Congratulations, you have made it! Welcome to your new business!!!


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