Our company motto is ‘Franchise Partner First’, as every partner is a valued member of The Local Guys Group family.
Unlike other franchisers, we don’t see our partners as sales transactions… because this is a partnership! 
Hear from the first-hand experience of our Partners below:

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Damien C, QLD

“Joining The Local Guys - Test & Tag has been both a rewarding and successful experience. Being new to the test and tag industry, we had no prior experience before beginning. The onboarding process was a smooth and efficient experience which gave us the necessary skills and confidence to be successful in our own franchise."

Some examples so far have been factories/warehouses, call centres, medical centres, offices, schools, restaurants and aged care.  There is a wide variety of clients that require Test & Tag services but these seem to be common place.

My largest job has been approx 2,300 tests which took about a week to complete.

I’m sure there will be many achievements to come but to date, starting a busininess and working for myself has, and continues to be, very satisfying.

  1. Not being answerable to anyone other than myself
  2. Freedom to stucture a good work/life balance
  3. Working hard to grow my test & tag business.

When purchasing a franchise you are buying a business that is established which minimises the risk. A good franchise has proven systems and provides on-going support to their franchisee’s.

I suppose the biggest challenge has been putting everything into place. Setting everything up in the business at times was a bit stressful. But I found that surrounding myself with good people, and getting plenty of advise, was an enormous help.

The support during the onboarding process from The Local Guys team was fantastic.

Do your homework, talk to friends and family, take your time and make sure you understand the process. If you can, get some professional advise and ask to speak with other franchise owners. Most of all, trust your instincts.

franchise for sale

Peter B, SA

"As the first franchise partner with The Local Guys Test & Tag, I knew I would be taking a big risk with a newly created franchise, but I am glad I did. Even with my purchase coinciding with the start of COVID restrictions, I have still been able to build a loyal client base, which will only continue to grow from here. Going from an employee to being a business owner has enabled me to take full control of my work/life balance. No more missing my daughter's special life moments, and I can have time off when I want it, rather than when someone else wants to give it to me."

I’ve done a lot of different jobs and usually change every 7-10 years when I get bored. Ive been a personal trainer, croupier, complaints manager and security fencer, to name a few.

I’m a gamer, and enjoy renovating and building things.

Anything from tradies, factories, offices, cafes to nursing homes and breweries/distilleries.

Getting jobs through word of mouth from my current clients who raved about my customer service skills and eye for detail.
  1. Not having to put up with other people not pulling their weight
  2. More family and spare time
  3. Doing it my way
I’ve never started my own business, so it’s hard to say. But the reason I chose a franchise was to have the help when and if I needed it and to be able to deal with things that are not my natural strength, such as online marketing.
Collecting debt with a small percentage of clients. I’ve had to learn to cut your losses and move on (rarely) and to be more direct.
I was the first onboard, so I got a lot of attention from the team and help when I needed it. I knew if I had a question or problem, they were only a call/email away.
Don’t stress about not working a 40+ hour week when that is what you are used to. Things will grow naturally, make the most of being able to spend that extra time with your family and friends.
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Daniel J, SA

"My experience with The Local Guys so far has been great! Jarrad, Stacey and the team are awesome and have been there every step of the way to help me with my franchise. By following their methods, I have been able to secure some very lucrative clients in my first year of business. Work/life balance is also a plus, as I am now able to spend more time with my family. Joining The Local Guys team is easily one of the best decisions I have ever made."

All kinds of businesses ranging from small food outlets and Tradies to bigger businesses like Schools, Hospitals and Corporate Offices

My biggest achievement so far has been securing all the hospitals and health services in the Barossa Valley area which has given me a huge boost in my first year of business

My biggest achievement so far has been securing all the hospitals and health services in the Barossa Valley area which has given me a huge boost in my first year of business
  1. Definitely the work/life balance
  2. Being able to work for myself
  3. The change of scenery from job to job
I would recommend a franchise because you get the help of an awesome team instead of trying to do it all yourself which takes a lot of stress out of it
Have had a couple little challenges along the way but Jarrad and the team are only a phone call away and are super helpful so its made working through the challenges easier
Coming onboard at The Local Guys was really easy as the team have a good “family” vibe that makes you feel welcome and helped out so much in the process

Garry M, VIC

"Starting a business can be difficult at the best of times. However, the team at The Local Guys made the whole process very straight forward and most of all, they were always available to answer any questions that I had. Since joining The Local Guys Test & Tag, I have found their guidance, advice and ongoing support to be invaluable. I honestly believe that The Local Guys are genuinely invested in seeing all their franchise partners succeed and grow their businesses by providing great systems, procedures and ongoing training."

Previously I worked in Business finance Manager for the ANZ and Westpac from 2005 to 2017. After so many years in banking I needed a change and purchased a commercial and industrial cleaning company with my family in 2017.
Weekends mainly consist of spending time with family and friends and try to get out and golf whenever I can.

I service a number of different businesses in the local area, ranging from retail stores, manufacturing businesses to construction sites/businesses.

Largest job was university student accommodation which was approx. 5,500 items (RCDs and appliances).

Just being able to build the business up since starting up and bringing new clients on board.

  1. Flexibility with hours, being your own boss
  2. Dealing with different businesses and locations each day
  3. High profit margins.

Working in a franchise system you already have proven systems and strategies in place from day one to be successful in your business. You have the ongoing support and feel part of a team that you can rely on which you don’t get when you start your own business. When I started in the franchise I had jobs to go to within my second week which I know I wouldn’t get that if I had just started up my own business.

Like all business I think the first 12 months is the biggest challenge to build up your customer base. This has been done through cold calling which can be a frustration at times but I think the key is to have processes in place and be consistent with calls and getting your name out in the market as overtime this will generate leads.
Onboarding process with simple and efficient, after the two weeks I had all the skills and confidence to start operating and also have continued support through head office.
To have a clear goal and marketing plan in place and processes that you stick to every day to build up your business. The franchise will offer all the support and give you all the tools to be successful in your business but its up to each individual to ensure that their business is a success and that comes back to the actions of what they do day to day.

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