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Each level of franchise offers different benefits and deciding which one is best for you will completely depend on your circumstances and preferences. As a divisional, you will have the opportunity to build your existing successful business to a national level by bringing on unit and regional franchise partners. A regional can earn an income from bringing on and supporting unit franchise partners in their region. And a Unit is responsible for successfully running and growing their own business.Question 2:
Vehicles must be no older than 8 years. It must be either a 2×4 or 4×4 dual cab ute, and preferably white. Within your franchise package you will receive vehicle signwriting.
Of course! Once you grow your business to a level that you need additional help, we recommend you operate it with great employees.
To enter into The Local Guys brand, you are required to have a Nationally Recognised Police Check, Working with Children’s Check and First Aid Training. You may also be required to obtain other checks depending on the industry requirements (ie. White card, Working Safely at Heights, etc). Additionally, you will be required to complete you licencing to operate in your industry.
Franchise Your Business

Franchising a business offers many benefits. By joining The Local Guys, you have the opportunity to grow your business to a national scale. Franchise partners will be buying into your business, as opposed to you employing them. This means a higher standard of work, as franchise partners are wanting to grow and take pride in their business.

Yes! We encourage you to still run your own business in the background. However, this will need to be rebranded to The Local Guys group.

Divisional Franchise Partners can earn money by onboarding, training and supporting Regional and Unit Franchise Partners. For every Franchise Partner you onboard, you will receive a large upfront sum. Additionally, you will also receive ongoing royalties for supporting them. You can also earn an income from your own services and clients.

Of course! Through our experiences, we have been on both ends of the spectrum as franchisees ourselves, as well as franchisors. We understand every aspect of franchising and will pass this knowledge onto you.

Similar to finding clients, we utilise Google Adwords and search engine optimisation to build our site traffic. In addition to these, we also advertise on Seek and other franchising sites to target those who are interested in a career change or to start their own business.

One of the main benefits of joining a franchise is to receive ongoing support. Here at The Local Guys, you can contact us anytime during business hours to gain assistance on the onboarding process. We are there with you throughout the process. We also have our online training platform for additional assistance.

As you are franchising your existing business under The Local Guys brand, the onboarding process is dependent on the division. However, it is likely it will take between 6-8 weeks.

Through Google Adwords and targeted search engine optimisation, we build up the traffic to our website, which ultimately brings in more clients. We also utilise the marketing fund to create targeted advertisements for your territory and surrounding suburbs. In addition to the ongoing leads you will receive from the Support Centre, you will also receive the Local Area Marketing Plan during your marketing training, which has been designed to assist you in finding your own clients.

Regional Franchises

Throughout your training, you will receive marketing training. This includes our franchise marketing processes, in addition to receiving our Franchise Recruitment Marketing Guide. This will provide you with the knowledge, ideas and strategies we have found successful in recruiting and onboarding new Franchise Partners. Additionally, you will also receive leads from the Support Centre gained from our marketing.

Definitely! As part of your training, we dedicate an entire day towards marketing for franchisees, as well as marketing to be able to grow your clientele.

In addition to the benefits of it growing your region, successfully onboarding a franchise partner also provides you with a large upfront sum. You will also receive ongoing royalties for supporting them.

As a Regional Franchise Partner, you can earn money in three ways:

  1. For every Unit Franchise Partner you successfully onboard you will receive a large upfront sum.
  2. You will receive ongoing royalties from each Unit Franchise Partner you support.
  3. You can receive an income from running your own successful business, servicing your clients.

On average, the onboarding process for a Regional Franchise Partner can take as little as 6 weeks. This gives us time to get to know each other, complete training and help you get started.

Unit Franchises
At The Local Guys, we offer a $50,000 turnover, paid for work guarantee* to provide our new Franchise Partners some peace of mind during their first year of business! We understand that when you are getting started in your new business, you may have concerns about not making enough money. To combat this, when you are not working, we will pay you to promote your business… so, no need to worry! If you do not reach $50,000 in your first year of business, we will top-up your income to reach this amount. *Conditions apply
Training includes relevant licencing, in-field training with an expert in the industry and in-office training. Office training includes all office operations and programs, marketing, sales and accounting.
Definitely! Within your territory you will work to grow your business with the support of our sales and marketing training. The Support Centre also obtains new leads from our marketing, Google Ad Words, website and SEO, which we will pass on to you.
Our royalties are calculated as a flat rate. This means that no matter how much you are earning, you will only pay the flat rate in royalties. We want to see each of our Franchise Partners successfully grow their business as large as possible and we believe charging a percentage of the earnings would discourage this.

We allow approximately 6 weeks to get you started! This allows us to get to know one another, complete the training and get everything set up, read to hit the floor running from day one of business!

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